Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Moonbats missed fruit cup--AGAIN!!

You might remember the scene from "High Anxiety" when Harvey Corman rushes to the breakfast table, swashes his napkin like a matador's cape, hoists his spoon for the culinary assault, then discovers to his horror that there's NO FRUIT CUP! in it's familiar place on the plate. Cloris Leachman's nurse Diesel acidly explains-"those who are TaaaRRRRdy don't get fruit cup!!" LGF has used the comment several times.

It's heartening, sometimes comical-but sad really; this rapidly accelerating meltdown of the Democratic Party (the toes are in their final convulsive rollup and slowly disappearing beneath the house).

I say heartening because I'm convinced that the current leadership, its acolytes and icons will need to be thoroughly exorcised if the party is ever going to return to its roots as even a minimally acceptable representative of heartland thought, values and policy in the country.

In short, my liberal friends-dump the Moonbats now if you ever hope to get fruit cup again!

Just what IS the leadership of the Democratic Party today anyway?

Albert Gore, Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, Tom Daschle, Dick Gephardt and Joe Lieberman have all been pushed or voted to the sidelines-some for better reasons than others. Terry McAuliffe is thankfully gone-riding his faithful donkey "Ludicrous Hyperbole" off into the Democrats' crimson stained and rapidly sinking political sunset.

Chronic losers and memed-out word jockeys like Bob Shrum, Mary Beth Cahill, Paul Begala and James Carville are standing in the hook up line to be parachuted to political oblivion as well.

People like Michael Moore, Dennis Kucinich, Whoopi Goldberg ,Barbra Streisand and George Soros have been so thoroughly repudiated that even the moonbats don't bother to listen to them any more( No, fine, Babs-your money's really appreciated. Just, er, meet me under the bridge-OK?).

In their place(I'm sorry you'll have to excuse me for a minute while I cachinnate at the thought)Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi?!! When coupled with their Eyore brethren Ted Kennedy and John Kerry
this chronically sullen group makes the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse look like little Mary Sunshines.

The only creditable presidential aspirants at this point appear to be Hillary Clinton and perhaps Wesley "Argyle" Clark unless the Democrats see something in Evan Bayh, Al Sharpton and Barbara Boxer that not a single other soul in the country does( which means of course that the moonbats undoubtedly do).

Dean will breathe some life and perhaps even some common and political sense into the party's voter outreach program. And if he's successful in 2006 he'll likely use that success as a springboard to
a candidacy of his own. In that case, and assuming that the newly rennovated Hillary does indeed run, it could be an interesting primary to say the least.

Dean's baggage of course is his up-east liberal persona and his tourettes-like, loose cannon mouth. He's a veritable sound bite gatling gun and the media types love him for it.

On the other hand, I'm sure you've noticed Hillary carefully wriggling into her brand new store bought centrist jeans. She seems to be the only Democrat that has actually begun to "get it"--the heart beat of the country and some reasonably solid political advice, that is.

On the Republican side of things Bush's audacious new initiative on Social Security could easily result in a new genre of budding capitalists withdrawn from the normally reliable Democrat bank of minorities, teachers, check out clerks and union members. People who watch their stock portfolios and Lou Dobbs more closely than feckless follies such as Michael Moore's execrable crank outs tend to vote Republican.

Finally, I'm not sure just how the Democrats plan to salve the wounds of the ethic groups they continue to offend with their venomous and silly personal attacks on respected minorities such as Condoleeza Rice and Alberto Gonzales. Clearly Barack Obama won't be ready for a vice presidential bid. And just as clearly, Condoleeza Rice will. Can the Democrats really afford to lose another 10% of the black vote?

All in all 2008 looks like yet another "fruit cupless" election year for the Democrats.

Go easy on the hash browns, buddy...

Friday, February 04, 2005


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Last Bus to Cascadia

And it came to pass in the commencement of the second term of the reign of George Bush that the Moonbats journeyed forth from hidden aeries in their archipelago of tiny blue islands to navigate the turbulent crimson waters which had innundated their lands, flooded their caves and sorely soddened their marijuna crops.

An icy winter's mist cast a somber pall upon the sad journey from the land of their forebats, and the moonbats huddled together for warmth with their tiny "Bush Lied" sweatshirts wound tightly around them and their Michael Moore memorial baseball caps pulled snugly down over their little bat ears.

One by one and two by two the moonbats scuttled aboard the waiting Red Sea & Ohio Jubiliation Ferry that would transport them and their soggy moonbat paraphenalia across the white capped strait to the waiting bus marked simply "Cascadia".

O frabjous day! We're bound for Beulah land!

Cascadia, Cascadia! Callooh! Callay!'(1)

Oh dear Cascadia! Blessed haven from the Georges of Bush, the Karls of Rove, the dreaded hordes of RAPSHAs and the monstrous scourges of Swiftvets, Fox News and Diebold voting machines.

Dear,sweet Cascadia! Cascadia!-from whence floweth rhapsodic harmony in tune with the planets, the Universe and the French.

Where the drums of war are muted by the sighs of a thousand dancing moonbat princesses in gossamer chrysantemum lace . Where the ACLU ruleth on all matters civil and liberty and people the neighborhood Starbucks with legions of gray suits.

Where the Dennises of Kuchinch and the Algores of Bellow daily sound their clarion call for peace, love, and global cooling at just a reasonably higher tax rate.

And in that same time there came many prophets, prophesying unto the moonbats that they must turn away from their false idols of eternal protest and puke out else their bus tickets to Cascadia would be puncheth not.

And the prophets warned the moonbats, saying thusly "Cast ye down your Michael of Moore, your Al of Franken, your Whoopi of Goldberg ,your Moveons of Dot Org and your Johns of Kerry and Edwards --else your moonbat children and their children's children are doomed to forever drift aimlessly among the Bushes and the bullrushes of hostile carmine waters which will slaketh not thy thirst for power, nor suffer recounts gladly"

And it came to pass that the moonbats' journey took them over highways lined with vast cheering throngs of Republicans and red state Democrats who strew their path with poignant farewells such as "Don't let the door hit you in the ass" and "Ya'll keep in touch now, you hear?"

And by and by the moonbats landed as the pilgrims to the rock, the eagle to the moon and the snowbirds to the Disneyworld. And their joy was great and many fold as they tumbled merrily through the turnstiles

" Give me your tired and your voted out, your huddled masses yearning to kiss a terrorist, the wretched refuse of your teeming caves. Give these the mindless, ballot box tossed to me. I lift my Xerox copier before the golden door" blared the taped message from the Dan of Rather.

And it came to pass as the moonbats qued up for their cave assignments, there came a pillar of fire and dwelt upon a rock before them; and they saw and heard much; and because of the things which they saw and heard they did quake and tremble exceedingly.

And then they saw the One-descending out of the mist, and they beheld that his luster was above that of the sun at noon day. And they also saw sixteen others accompanying him, and their brightness did exceed that of the stars in the firmament.

And the sixteen passed slowly before them as they shifted apprehensively in their little moonbat chairs--the Nancy of Pelosi, the Al of Sharpton, the Howard of Dean, the Ted of Kennedy, the Robert of Byrd, the Hillary of Clinton, the Maxine of Watters, the Cynthia of McKenzie, the Henry of Waxman, the Barbara of Boxer, the James of McDermott, the Patty of Murray, the Ted of Rall, the Paul of Krugman, the Maureen of Dowd and the Katrina of vanden Huevel.

And the moonbat angst became exceedingly great and there arose a nervous chatter among them

Then there emerged from the burning peyote cactus, the One- a tall vision with lantern of jaw and heart of purple.

And the tall vision slowly raiseth it's hand to it's eyebrow of Botox and sayeth loudly..

"John Kerry reporting for DUTY!"

And the sound of moonbat chairs scraping back was heard throughout the land and the moonbat screams were many and exceedingly frantic and they sounded mightily above the crashing of the red waves as the broken turnstiles of Cascadia spun wildly in the winds........

(1)from Lewis Carroll's "Night of the Jabberwocky

Moonbat cannibalism...

"Moonbats, behold thy leaders.

Nancy, Harry, Ted, John-behold thy followers"

"Jesus" Bush: John 19:26

Sorry about that, but it's timely really-particularly given the "Jesus" Bush references around here.

It appears that moonbats are beginning to take a less than sanguine view of their leadership as they confront political reality in the back wash of a crimson tide that threatens to convert their subterranean grottoes into the 2008 version of Atlantis.

The moonbats turned on their own today-cannibalizing their offspring and hysterically tossing their leaders into the same meme spiked iron maiden that is normally reserved for Americans endowed with reason,common sense and at least a passing knowledge of the qualities and principles that made this country the greatest in the free world in the first place.

The rest of us are enjoying the carnage from the side lines and hanging on every sound bite.

Pass the popcorn, Babe...

If you want a fair and honest evaluation of the power and the connection with the American people in George Bush's state of the union speech, for once you needn't limit your news sources to Brit Hume, Bill O'Reilly or Shaun Hannity. Today the moonbats' normally reliable pablum feeders ; the main stream media, NPR, the Daily Kos-even David Corn, The Nation's court jester to moonbat queen Katrina vanden Heuvel's court-seems to have gotten the message from the heartland.

The MSM has been busy pissing off the moonbats all day by generally confining itself to the truth. Some hysterics are starting to call NPR the National PLUTOCRAT Radio;The Daily Kos is sputtering and clanking like a cold patched boiler that's about to explode from the pressure and the resulting rumble is sending out Richter scale 9s all over the moonbat universe.

For example, here's David Corn-over his shoulder comment while making his way to the higher ground.(Excerpted from column)

.."Last Election Day offered plenty of reasons for Democrats to worry. This speech provides additional cause for them to fret.

Which brings us to the Democratic response. It was middling at best, perhaps awful.

Senator Harry Reid, the minority leader, tried mightily hard to adopt the language of values. He took the folksy route, reminding viewers he had grown up in a small town in Nevada among hard-rock miners. He referred to a ten-year-old boy who recently told Reid that when he grows up he wants to be a senator. This, Reid noted, was evidence that no one has to tell the children of America to dream big dreams. Reid covered all the bases, critiquing Bush's economic policies and pointing out the flaws and dangers of partially privatizing Social Security.

But he was not much of a match for a president riding the wave of self-proclaimed victory in Iraq.

Still, Reid fared better than House minority leader Nancy Pelosi. She proved that she can read a TelePrompTer without blinking or changing her facial expression. Reid went for the down-home approach. Pelosi was a Stepford Democrat. She expressed no emotion. She did not modulate her speech.

She looked like she was reading words written by someone else, not sharing convictions that burn in her soul. Handling the national security portion of the Democratic response, she served up all the usual--and correct--criticisms of Bush. But she scored no points. In this arena, delivery counts as much as--no, make that more than--substance.

On Iraq, she repeated the Kerry plan: accelerate training of Iraqi security forces, rev up the reconstruction, and intensify regional diplomacy. The goal, she said, is a "much smaller American presence" by the next election, which is scheduled for the end of the year. But it was hard to imagine her swaying anyone who wasn't already a Bush-basher.

Pelosi looked like she had to be there. Bush looked like he was relishing the moment.

Such a difference matters much.."

Really? Red staters figured that out years ago, sport...