Friday, February 04, 2005


And thanks for checking it out.

If this is your first visit, please be sure to read 3 of the posts which best explain what it is all about. They are all listed under "Recent Posts" or in the achives down the left hand side of this page.

* A Thinking man's Guide to Dealing with Theocraphobia

* Last Bus to Cascadia

* Moonbatism 101

I appreciate your visit and hope you'll find time to comment.......


Corrie said...

HT - DadManly. Site's a little dark and hard to read - bump up the text size a notch? Can you provide a link to those essential posts?

Dan Kauffman said...

HI thanks for covering my back on Liberal Avenger LOL

Adding you to my blogroll from first glance I think we both are on the same page.

Oh the post on my blog with the Democratic Party's Poll is

The Lemming Left

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Keith said...

So many things make sense. I was a third generation Democrat (why they changed the name to "Democratic" is beyond me) and now am affiliated with no political party; probably for much of the same reasons why you complain about infiltration by Moonbats.
I found you from your comments concerning the changing of words to fit the pathetic rhetoric at "Liberal Avenger" who is posted as a bookmark at my site as "No Brain" - on the other hand, I have one question: Do you still belong to the Democrat (Democratic) political party? Political parties are only useful because of the cost of running for office; but people fail to realize that what is important is political philosophy, constitutional law, and limiting government to where they are not so much into our lives and spending their time running the government FOR the people and not the other way around. Anyway, thought I would drop by and say "Hello" and agree with your comments against the "Moonbats." I will add you to my blogroll bookmark category, since I haven't decided if your blog fits in any of the categories provided at this time.

Anonymous said...
Good Luck!